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Soft Shell and Sick Hatchling Guide

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Soft Shell and Sick Hatchling Guide

Post by CharleX on Sat Dec 19, 2009 6:23 am

Term Key:

(image is to show the terms in context and shows an example of a healthy ratio, this is of a dragon of mine that safely grew up)
Views: Every time the image of the egg is loaded a view is added.
Unique Views: Similar to views, but only one unique view is registered per IP.
Clicks: Only one click is registered per IP, they are registered when someone clicks the provided link and views your egg's page.

Basic questions about sickness:

Q: Can my egg or hatchling die of soft shell/hatchling sickness?
Yes, that's why it is called a sickness and there is a guide on how to cure it.

Q: My hatchling is sick. How do I cure it?
Read the guide. Hatchling sickness is the same as egg sickness.

Q: Can an egg hatch/a hatching grow up while it has the disease?
Yes, but you still want to try to cure it to prevent the dragon from dying from the disease before it hatches/grows up.

Q: I froze a sick hatchling. Will it die? Will it get better?
Frozen hatchlings act like adults in that they do not die unless you kill them. It will most likely eventually get better, but there is no harm if it doesn't.

Q: My hatchling is sick and it isn't getting better!!
If it has more than 1000 unique views it has more than enough views etc to grow up and it just waiting on time. (Mine grow just fine with 700 unique) Remove the hatchling from everywhere you have it posted and fog it if you like. Repost it if it gets below 3 days without maturing, but remember that it has to be unfogged to mature.

Soft shell and hatchling sickness guide:

How do I know if my egg has soft shell?
It's easy. A message gets added below the description of the egg:

The message for a sick hatchling:

My egg has soft shell! What is the cause?
Too many views too fast. This happens most often on the first day as an egg or hatchling, but can happen at any time.

How do I cure my soft shell?
Hide the egg for at least a day. Often eggs with this kind of soft shell already have enough views to hatch, so you can remove it from where you have the posted (and fog it for good measure if you like) and it will hatch fine.

Now I know how to cure the soft shell, but how do I prevent it from happening again?
Prevention is very simple once you know how.
Wait for a day or so before posting a new egg if this tends to happen to your eggs. Experiment to find the amount of down time that is right for your eggs, but a day or so is usually good. Remember to try to not get more than 100 unique views on your first day, 50 or less is best.

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