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How to trade a dragon?

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How to trade a dragon?

Post by Dreamlimix on Sun Dec 20, 2009 1:07 am

You need to be in contact by instant messenger or chat of some sort.

Person with the egg gives the other person the URL for the egg on the abandoned page. It would look like this except the **** would be replaced by the egg's 4 character code.


Person getting the egg will load that page. At this point it will have the message that says "try as you might you cannot find the egg on the abandoned page." That is okay, because it is not on the abandoned page, yet. Once the page is loaded and ready to refresh the receiver will let the giver know that they are ready.

The giver typically counts down from 10 or 5 or some agreed-on number and then abandons the egg.

As soon as the countdown starts the person receiving the egg should start refreshing the egg's abandoned page. Just hit refresh over and over as fast as possible without letting the page load.

Giver will abandon the egg and then signal the receiver that it is gone.

Receiver should keep refreshing for a few more seconds to allow for lag and then let the page load. If all has gone as it should, the egg's code page will appear on the screen.

The process is not fool-proof and it is possible that the egg could be lost to someone who snags it off the abandoned page before the intended receiver. But if you follow those instructions it is pretty highly successful.

For a two way trade, just repeat the process in the other direction for the second half.

Quite hard, but after a bit it gets easy.

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Re: How to trade a dragon?

Post by CharleX on Sun Dec 20, 2009 1:10 am



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