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Rules of Dragon Mania

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Rules of Dragon Mania

Post by CharleX on Tue Dec 22, 2009 5:59 pm

  1. Try to prevent double-posting unless bumping
  2. Avoid flaming
  3. Do not advertise your own site
  4. No spamming
  5. Don't go off-topic
  6. No double-threads which means you must check to see if there's the same or similar topic as yours before posting.
  8. Multiple accounts strictly prohibited
  9. No ripping, this board is copyrighted
  10. You can only bump* your thread after 24 hours of your last post there
  11. Respect your staff

Please follow these rules. They help us maintain the forum and keep it friendly'n cool. However, breaking a rule may result in a warning, which you can preview at your profile.

Good Luck!


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